The most amazing and most widely used in various industries method of obtaining non-detachable joints and aggregation of products is the method of joining by welding. In close cooperation with our Fronius partners, we have extensive technical experience in welding technology and the design of welding processes. Our goal is to guarantee the productivity and quality of our customers by setting up welding processes on site as efficiently as possible, offering the latest technology available and providing comprehensive services.

FRONIUS Trans Steel 5000 W / E / Professional
The TransSteel series welding machines feature fully digitalized microprocessor control, intuitive software control, innovative wire feeder and ergonomic design.

FTW PRO is ideal for applications where factors such as time savings, optimum quality and accurate repeatability are paramount. For pipe-to-pipe joints in heat exchangers or radiators, these criteria are essential. The pneumatic clamping system or suspension device greatly simplifies the work process for the user and reduces the time required. The three-point support ensures accurate positioning of the welding torch, even with different protrusions on the pipe.
Digipuls III 420 FRO inverter welding machine
Lincoln Electric PowerWave S350

Welding conventional rotator pipe
Nuris submerged era welding
Promotech Track welding and cutting oxy-fuel / plasma cutting
Welding rotator 500mm
Welding rotator 80mm
Fronius welding / cutting carriage for mechanized orbital welding / cutting

MagicWave 3000 Job inverter device for WIG – AC / DC welding, with non-contact arc ignition. The WIG process ensures a perfect weld for thin and medium-thick materials. A microprocessor controls the device and thus provides an extremely stable arc. Pulse mode allows lower heat output during welding, better ability to bond materials and excellent welding seams. It is suitable for welding all types of alloy steels and non-ferrous metals. Technical data: Welding current range WIG: 3-300 A;

Equipment functions:
• WIG pulse welding;
• JOB mode – ability to save 100 operating modes;
• Spot function – riveting option, in which the welding interval can be set with an accuracy of 1/10 sec. for successive identical welds;
• Fornuis welding / cutting carriage for mechanized welding / cutting
• BUGO Track welding and cutting oxy-fuel / plasma cutting