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METALINVEST REMKO Ltd, Bulgaria has been on the Bulgarian market since 2002. Established on 18/11/2002.
The main activity of the company is in the field of manufacturing and installation of industrial air ducts,
pipelines, steel structures, expansion joints and pressure vessels. We supply on the local market a wide
range of activities in the field of reparations in energy, chemical, pulp and paper, wood processing and
other industrial sectors. The reparations in the bulgarian biggerst plants are also
a major part of our portfolio.

  • in 2002 – Established on 18/11/2002;
  • in 2004 – Buliding a manufacturing workshop;
  • in 2010 – Investment in the purchase of a larger ground for building a bigger workshop;
  • in 2014 – finishing the first expansion of the workshop size and installation of larger machinery and industrial equiment;
  • in 2016 – finishing the second expansion of the workshop size and new investment in more machinery, equipment
    and employees education;

    Successfully implemented, conducted and reported project under EU operative competitiveness programme;
  • in 2019 –  finishing the third enlargement of the workshop size and outdoors storage space (workshop inhouse space
    goes more than 5000 sq. meters

    and outdoors storage ground  – over 32 000 sq.meters)
  • in 2021 – new enlargement of the workshop inhouse space with over 4000 sq. meters; Successfully implemented,
    conducted and reported project

    under EU operative competitiveness programme for ca. 1.5 mln BGN; Installed new press brake machine and shoot
    blasting zero line;
  • in 2022 – as one of the biggest factories in the region, Metalinvest Remko Ltd. realizes its responcibility on the environment
    aspects; Company got started to
    install sollar panels for reducing the electricity consumption;

Our goals

Quality goals:
  • Reduction of defects and continuous improvement of quality
  • Improving relationships with suppliers
  • Increasing the number of employees
Financial goals:
  • Growth and acquisition of technological equipment
  • Increasing the value of investments and managing growth
  • Lower production costs
  • Build higher capacity for the future
  • Launch and implementation of new EU projects
  • Calculation and optimization of unit sales costs (kg and man-hours)
  • Forecasting and spending time on development and design
  • Improving the allocation of resources
  • Reduction of financial losses



The MAIN FOCUS of our work is reaching 100% conformity of the customers requirements and meeting the standards of EU and world quality. We supply a transparent production to our customers. We insist also on the transparency of the supply chain and at the end – providing uncompromised best quality.


From professionals to professionals, we don’t just produce and sell parts. We provide value and solutions for our partners. We apply continuous improvement of the team and its qualifications in order to improve the quality of the final products.


The company invests continuously in expanding production facilities areas, purchasing new equipment, marketing and training to guarantee in front of the partners – competitive prices and no compromise high quality.

We are evolving

Metalinvest Remko EOOD is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015,
ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018.
As well as according to EN ISO 3834-2: 2005 and EN 1090-2: 2018.
The company is a member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Bulgarian Constructions Chamber.