On July 6, 2022, a detailed quality audit was conducted at the Metalinvest Remko fabrication facility by the world’s leading industrial giant Andritz. And the audit ended with extreme success. We are proud to share with you that by all safety measures in place, our partners from Andritz Pulp & Paper have looked at all the work processes, from receiving an inquiry, through the delivery of the raw materials to the shipment of the finished parts.

After the successful online audit in June this year, the Metalinvest Remko team had the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and qualifications in practice in our workshop in Radnevo.

The meeting began with presentations from both sides, then moved into documentary evidence of implemented and operational functionality of the systems for quality, workplace safety and environment protection.

After a short break for a traditional Bulgarian lunch, the audit continued on site at our production premises. All the key units – both the building background, the machine park, the processes that are carried out – until the end products are finished and packed for transport, were examined and inspected in details.

We are grateful to our visitors for their time and willingness to visit us and investigate together the opportunities we have for future cooperation. We look forward to our upcoming common projects to enter the operational phase of production and delivery.

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