WE ARE A TEAM with flexible market behavior and the ability to define and respond quickly and adequately to changing conditions. New tasks and trends of professional development are an advantage that METALINVEST REMKO Ltd. successfully combines with the public commitment - for social responsibility, compliance with the principles of ecological behavior and quality standards.

People is an important resource. Selection is carried out and highly qualified specialists are appointed. The individual interests and motivation of our staff are mainly related to its increasing needs for security, safety, recognition, identity and full realization of each person's potential. Our corporate goals can best be achieved in an environment that encourages employees and helps them to pursue their own goals. So we strive to offer our employees a creatively challenging and stable work environment in which everyone can get reward above average, for achievements above average and their contribution to the company. Our policy is to offer unlimited opportunities for career and professional growth for everyone.

Occupational safety and health are important topics that we have always considered. Therefore, all workers are provided with the necessary work clothes, shoes and personal protective equipment.

All employees of METALINVEST REMKO Ltd. are aware of environmental policy, everyone is responsible for his own actions and is obliged to report even if he notices a non-compliance with the rules for environmental protection and health protection of people.