Company Policy

OUR POLICY is to build a relationship of mutual respect and trust with our staff, based on everyone's contribution to the company, honesty, openness and competence, to share success with everyone who has made it possible. We achieve this by combining the high qualification of the specialists working for us with the use of high quality materials and tools. The long and rich practical experience of our workers in the field of mechanical and electrical assembly, welding and organizational abilities of the technical managers are proven in the excellent performance at the various sites we have worked on.We respect our employees, as they are our most valuable assets. We stimulate their development and together we move forward.

We, METALINVEST REMKO Ltd., respect the fact that environmental protection is one of the most important issues in the management of any enterprise. Environmental protection and human health are among the priorities of our company. We have constantly improved working conditions over the years, taking examples from colleagues in other countries with a strong economy because we know that the most important thing for us is the people working in our company. Our company activities are related to the design, manufacture and installation of steel structures that require good training and well-trained staff. In order to meet these requirements, we follow the steps below:

  • While making the wares, we strive to optimize the waste materials that are produced as a result of our work
  • We take precautions against potential pollution of the environment with hazardous substances.
  • We comply with all European rules and regulations as well as internal regulations adopted by the company, including internal company environmental rules.
  • We increase the level of commitment of our employees to our Environmental Protection Policy and improve their knowledge in the field of environmental protection.

In this sense, the management of METALINVEST REMKO Ltd. conducts an active and purposeful policy in the following directions:

  • Carrying out of periodic environmental inspection related to the analysis of the environmental issues and their impact on the implementation of the company's activities and the definition, control and management of the environmental aspects.
  • Control over the use of the natural resources necessary for the implementation of the company's production activities.
  • Management of the assessed environmental aspects related to air, water, soil, personnel and society.