design, manufacture and installation of steel structures, pipelines, pressure vessels, spare parts and repairs in the field of power engineering

Completed construction sites


Rehabilitation, basic and intermediate repair of Mill Fans, Burners, Electrostatic precipators, separators and Boilers; Dismantling of metal coal bunker and pipeline for acidic flushing in boiler plant - part 700 MW; Repair works performed on the service platforms; Repair of equipment for the preparation of coal for incineration;

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Manufacture of plates - 3mm, 25mm, according to drawing; Manufacturing, supply and installation of steel structure - adjustment of flue gas ducts, installation of upper, lower and new part of support; Supply and installation of insulation; Manufacture, delivery and assembly of a sector with a blade, a cladding sector and a bolt according to drawing;

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Installation and connection of 2 heat exchanger units, consisting of 3 heat exchangers each and connection to the existing place / Extension of the heat exchanging surface to the heat exchanger of Reactor unit; Mechanical installation works; Replacement of measurement devices; Reconstruction and modernization of equipment;

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Mondi Packaging Stamboliiski EAD

Repairing of corrugated drums in the workshop, conveyor belts -1,2,3 - input timber in the workshop, repairing activities at workshop; Production of a bathtub system according to given drawing КН-; Replacement of a reducer for silo. Repair of 2 pcs. reversing tape drums. Hard alloy welding of worn sections on a corrugated drum; Major overhaul in cellulose plant, maintenance of machine PM-2;

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TPP "AES Galabovo - Maritsa Iztok 1" EOOD

Fabrication of parts, shields, pawl 60 / 12х1195 and protective shields on elbows; Fabrication and installation of electrostatic precipitator - 1200 t; Fabrication of 1300 tons of flues and ducts; Contract for production and supply of spare parts for boiler equipment - 1600 t; Supply of sealing ring and bus 70 * 15 * 2140; Fabrication of zinc anodes to protect the condenser; Fabrication of a plate, axle, strips over rollers, shaving beams and anvils;

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About us

Welcome to the webpage of METALINVEST - REMKO Ltd., Stara Zagora.

METALINVEST - REMKO Ltd., Stara Zagora, is a company specialized in the repair, installation and reconstruction of steam and hot water pipelines of all categories; gas installations and installations; vessels operating under pressure; steam boilers, steam heaters, economizers, water heating boilers. It builds steam, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and water supply systems. Carrying out and installation of metal; constructions and non-standard energy equipment.

We strive to achieve an European level of work in our company. The Company developed, implemented and certified in 2004:

  • Quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008
  • Occupational health and safety management system in accordance with OHSAS 18001: 2007 specification
  • Environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001: 2005
  • Member of the Bulgarian Chamber of Construction




Project: BG16RFOP002-2.001-0345 “Improving the production capacity of METALINVEST - REMKO Ltd. by introducing new technologies”

Objective: ”Increasing the production capacity of METALINVEST - REMKO Ltd. and its sustainable development on the National and the European market by the introduction of modern and technological equipment”

Start date: 20.06.2016
End date: 20.06.2017

Grant: 342 784.50 BGN, of which 291 366.82 BGN European and 51 417.68 BGN National co-financing

This project is implemented with the financial support of the Operational Program Innovation and Competitiveness 2014-2020, co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund and the national budget of the Republic of Bulgaria.